No One, Never, Nothing

by Chicken Little

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released September 13, 2010




Chicken Little Nashville, Tennessee

Chicken Little is a folk punk duo with accordion, guitar, and lots of harmonies. They write spirituals to be protest songs and protest songs to be broken hearted love ballads. They currently live in Nashville, TN.

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Track Name: Greensburg, PA
I am no one
I know nothing
I have nowhere to be
no one is expecting me
I have nothing to give
but god I love this town
& all the friendships that it found
reminds me I'm from nowhere
that you're only where you are
but where that is
I don't know

I bult a fire under a bridge
burned half the night and kept me warm
but when I woke it was dead
I was cold and so alone
your letters said you'd keep me warm
but I guess we should've known
that no one can keep you warm
under a bridge in minnesota
in the middle of november
& why I even bothered asking
I don't know

give me water I will drink it
give me food and I will eat
give me hope and I will fade it
give me a home so I can leave
& go and build my own damn town
when it's built I'll tear it down
& send the pieces in a letter
I'll send you one last longing letter
though why you'd even want it
I don't know
Track Name: No One, Never, Nothing
somebody gave me some happiness
so I gave it the first person I saw
and sat down alone on the sidewalk
with nothing in my heart at all
with nothing to be taken away from me
with nothing to be taken away

I was driving up north when I lost my mind
a light tried to show me the way
I said "lord, I've got no idea where I'm going
and please don't yet take that away"
don't ever take that away from me
no don't ever take that away

the ocean might still take my body
the world might still take my soul
but if I give you my heart, it's yours for good
to hold and to break as you will
don't ever take that away from us
no don't ever take that away

you know that I used to have heroes
who stood so brave and so tall
who said "why don't you all go be heroes yourselves!"
so we went and did on our own
they'll never take that away from us
no they'll never take that away

ashes to ashes and dust to dust
we'll all be forgotten I'm sure
but if we sing it out now while we've still got the breath
we can put it in the air for good
where no one can take it away from us
where no one can take it away
Track Name: Tulsa, OK
I heard there was flooding in Tulsa
reminded me of that look on your face
when you'd lower your eyes
and say kind of shy
"please get me the hell out of this place"

even if I never see you again
may you still get the hell out of Oklahoma
just as soon as you can

seven days in the woods in kentucky
ain't enough to forget where you're from
though we were naked and stoned
we were drunk and alone
we got dressed and you drove west
when it was done

dust storms and flooding and brimstone
and sinners who know when they're damned
you were their child
their guilt and denial
with their burns and their scars on your hands
Track Name: The Bartender & The Baker
this city's so fucking big
I'm so fucking small
but today i looked like shit
and was glad that strangers here
don't care at all about me
in this city
they seem happy too
if I don't care about them

you're asleep
I'm wide awake
in the morning I'll be sleeping
while you're running for the train
you'll be counting minutes
I'm counting heart beats
listening to sirens wail
and cats fight in the street

if we had time
just one whole day
we could lay here reading stories
and listening to the rain
I'd run my fingers
across your body
and feel your fingers walk across me
just the same

if we had time
just one whole year
we'd find a way to live forever
without working anymore
it might be boring
it might be maddening
still think I'd like the chance to find out
just the same

this city's so fucking big
I'm so glad I'm small
if this place looked just like me
don't think I'd like it here at all
it's got it's money
it's got ambitions
seems I've got less and less
of those two things each day

so while you sleep
while I'm awake
I hope my chatter and the street noise
all sound pleasant in your dreams
and if you heard me
while you remember
be sure to kiss me in the morning
as you leave
Track Name: Lonesome Heroes
words & music - leonard cohen
Track Name: The Sky is Not Falling
There are no stars in the new york sky
they all fell to the ground
they're in a bar downtown
looking glassy eyed and really really drunk
so pick your poison, pick your poison
I'll take the strongest one you've got
I'll drink to everything I'm not
a drink for everything we're not

The blocks are long, the pavements cracked
there's a well fed monkey on my back
I'm falling off the wagon again

Your bed is warm my heart is black
Put your best foot forward, take two steps back
I'm falling off the wagon again

Put your bets with the house
if the deck looks stacked
you're free to go but it's a long way back
I'm falling off the wagon again

Love is sweet and lovers are cruel
There's an iron law for every golden rule
I'm falling off the wagon again

The days are short if the work is fun
every honest cop is wearing a gun
I'm falling off the wagon again

the city gives the city kills
my monkey does what a monkey will
I'm falling off the wagon again
Track Name: This Moon Says I'm Sorry
there's no one in the graveyard
the lake is empty too
I'm standing on the ledge
where I once sat with you
I think we'd had a fight
think I'd hurt you really bad
I hope you know that if i could
I'd go and take all of it back

now the moon will always be a friend to me
it seems to forgive everything

it was june then, you forgave me
then you sent me on my way
and I was fool enough to think
that we might sit here again today
now I'm just hoping that you're happy
I hope that you feel free
I hope you found the joy
of pure lost insanity

if we could start again
it'd be just like when we were friends
with nothing to forgive
and nothing to forget
and we'd tell the story often
of two friends who ran away
to be lovers in the city
how they outran all their fantasies
and how if they knew what we know now
I'm sure they'd go and do it all again
Track Name: Poor Robin
not every life has meaning
not every person is good
not every day will turn out the way
you always knew it could

but I don't mean any harm
I mean as little as one can do

I watched you bike away
down the highway in the rain
but there was nothing left to say

the ones who live forever
are the ones who're made of stone
the birds who sing together
are the birds who die alone

but I don't know what it means
I know as little as one can know

if you're looking for a hero
you'd better look away
if you're looking for a savior
you're free to sit and pray

I don't know what you need
Track Name: Going Nowhere
If I could say just what I mean
there'd be nothing left to sing
I'd be the tick out in the grass
I'd be the oyster in the sea

so let me think or let me not
let me someday be forgot
let my breath count out the hours
until my body goes to rot

may the words I bother shouting
be the best ones that I've got

If I look like I'm lost
I'm just going nowhere
race me if you want
and we'll be going nowhere

all those broadway boys are something
all full of money, full of booze
they're going places, going places
I'm going places too
I'm going nowhere soon
like those nashville girls so pretty
as their voices and their faces
they're going places, going places
I'm going places too
I'm going nowhere soon

if it takes nine years of staring
to see the flat side of a wall
to sit 101 feet high
up on a 100 foot pole
then if I sit here long enough
can I forget about it all
what will, will again
and if won't then so it ends
I'll be a sitting explosion
just a letter bomb to send

when I see you again
I'll give you everything I can
I'll give you all I have to give
I'll give you both my empty hands
Track Name: The Devil Spoke Here
There's bullets in the streets
and broken dishes on the floor
enough anger in my heart
to take the blame for it all
I could take every bullet back
if I could never feel like that
I'd take all the broken glass
out of your feet

I can smell the sulfur on the podium
and I left all of your roses
drying brittle in the sun
is there anybody left who can forgive me
for all the good and the horrible things I've done

I dreamed a town so perfect
wished I never had to wake
they paid their rent on promises
got drunk on shots of faith
and they called it armagaedon
because they knew it couldn't last
they're remembered only
by the prayer they sang

May we always fail
with the best of intentions
with our hearts always pure
and our souls only human

I have no god for guidance
still I'm praying all the same
may everything I do
be done for everybody's gain
and with no one there to judge or to condemn me
I'm remembered only
by the prayer I sing